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Correspondência Poética (Poetic Correspondence) is a collective of literary research and diffusion that aims to encourage reading by fostering people's access to this language through different platforms. Since 2009, it distributes, at bus stops and bus stations of São Paulo, "poetic correspondences" - poems printed on handmade recycled paper and rolled into the shape of parchment. On the website, the group provides written poems, sound poems and video poems which produces.

In October 2014, Correspondência Poética Collective, in partnership with the City Hall of São Paulo, the Department of Culture and the Program VAI, held the I Poetry Festival of the City of São Paulo, created in order to enhance the oral poetry and the rich literary movement that is happening in the city of São Paulo from the saraus.

In addition, throughout the month of October the Collective promoted various actions such as the Poetic Interventions Cycles performed in Fábricas de Cultura – cultural complexes in the suburbs of the city – where there were workshops, lectures, saraus and the activities of poetic interventions collectives such as 'Ambulant Poets', 'The Smaller Soiree of the World', 'Bicicloteca' and 'Correspondência Poética' itself, which distributed, these last two listed, respectively, 300 books and 1000 poetic correspondences in the surrounding communities with the workshop participants. Around 180 children and adolescents attended these activities.

We have also accomplished, in partnership with Mário de Andrade Library, the 'Street Book Market', which occupied Dom José Gaspar Square, in the city centre, with poetic interventions and 23 authors selling their own books. A public of about 300 people circulated through the space.

As a result of the Festival, the Collective has now a collection of about 200 video poems, a DVD and an audio CD with the 30 finalists poems and a circulation of 10,000 poetic correspondences that will be distributed in bus stops and bus stations of the city.

More than 150 poets signed up through video poems in the Collective's web site, which had, in a two months inscriptions period, 52,225 hits and 110,317 views. From among the 150 registered poets, 30 were chosen to defend their poems publicly and compete to R$ 9,000.00 in prizes distributed in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places and 10 honorable mentions.

The public presentation of the poems happened in a memorable day at Centro Cultural São Paulo, in a free event with a diverse program that featured a book fair, poetic interventions, the live recording of the program 'Poetic Essay' with the poet Sergio Vaz and the shows of the bands 'Clarianas' e 'Metá-Metá'. On that day, more than 1,000 people passed through the activities of the Festival.








Video poem: "Da Paz", with: Naruna Costa



1st Poetry Festival of São Paulo "Virgin", with Luiza Romão



Short film: Enjoy Saraus


Ilustrated poetic correspondences









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